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Please Note: This website is under construction, since it was origionally devoted as a personal website to share information with my customers while I was in broadcast sales.

The new site will be launched within the coming months.

Personal items will be redirected to a blog site.

This explains the existance of 2 versions of landrysolutions in search engine results and why certian links are not presently set-up.

Thanks for your comprehension while I complete the site overhaul.

Pierre Louis Landry



Your "Online Business Strategist", delivering Google Visibility best practices and relevant content ideas for your B2B websites and social media initiatives.

Landry Solutions is an Interactive Marketing Strategist, specializing in creating relevant content for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and natural link building, on-line (internet) marketing tied into social media presence, as well as taking on mandated business development functions.

SVP prendre note, que je ne prend aucun nouveau contrat à ce moment.

Please take note, I'm not taking any new contracts at the moment.

Services include making your website relevant to increase site traffic, product development, seminar (event) co-ordination and lecturer on "Emerging Technologies for Corporate Communications", "The New Business Strategy for online presence, Website and Social Media" as well as a course for in house webmasters do-it-yourself course "20 Easy Tricks to Optimize your Website".

Headed by Pierre-Louis Landry, a communications and sales industry veteran, they also provide: On-line marketing services, SEO coaching, SEO implementation, web site design, content creation, Competitor analysis, translation services (En-Fr), email campaigns, corporate photography for your website and on-line videos.

Landry Solutions also provides AV Consulting, Digital Signage best practices training as well as Product Management services for the Spinetix product line in Canada as well as Product Management services for BVE HD personal monitoring products for Vellone Communications.

Lets talk about how we can improve your online presence with tailored packaged solutions that fit your budget : Pierre-Louis Landry 514-913-4033 or drop me an email

Latest Contracts
(update coming soon see news bits)
Remote Robotic head trainig at SRC Chicoutimi for Cambotics Products Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal 2011. Host Broadcaster: Groupe Serdy New Sanair's Driving Challenge: Drifting. Photos for Website.
Relais Pour la Vie. Participant pictures. Assistance on various business and production needs. Annual ''All Access Show'' Halifax, NS
January 20-21, 2011

Recent Photography Additions
Softball Balle Molle Gallery by Pierre Louis LandryPhoto de Ligues de balle molle

Softball photo gallery

Balle Molle Boucherville 2012 (lundi)

Balle Molle Boucherville 2013 (lundi)

Club de balle molle de Noyon (mercredi 2012)

Club de balle molle de Noyon (mercredi 2013)

)Concerts photo galery by Pierre Louis Landry

A musicians friend at heart, so I capture pictures of all members of the band. Latest additions:

-Voivod, Prestiest, France D'Amour, Catherine Durand, Acajun,
Sonny Moorman, Jimmy Bowskill, Coco Montoya, Thomas Fersen,
Festival de Jazz de Montreal, Festival Francopholie, etc...

Nature photo gallery Pierre Louis LandryNature and Wildlife Photo Gallery

Nature and Birds collections

- Parc de la Frayère (known as La Saulais)

- Birds of New-Brunswick 2011

- My backyard birds: Presented to the Club de Photos de Boucherville

The Birds of Summer 2010

-The Birds of Summer 2011 (coming soon)

Busines events covered by landry solutions Pierre Louis Landry

Corporate Events
Latest events now posted. Incudes photos for SMPTE, Sony Broadcast, W3 Quebec, Intracom, Solotech's En Coulisse 2011 show. More to follow shortly for Ross Video, Incospec, Sono Video, etc....

Temporary website in construction

Please Note: The decision to concentrate strictly on online (interactive) marketing services for B2B is very recent. Presently working with the local business development office to solidify our offerings as to offer the best business practices for your corporate website. Since this website was my originally used as a personal website for broadcast and corporate communication communities, there will be a new look with the SEO and SEM emphasis coming soon.


Gallerie de Photo Balle Molle

Lastest photography assignments available for download.

-Photos balle molle de Noyon et Xpros de Boucherville 2012 et 2013

Gallerie de Photo famille

-Photos de évènement de famille et tous les autres galeries


As a sales professional with the likes of Sony, Panasonic and Miranda Technologies, Pierre Louis Landry has worked with many business owners to development their business model to increase sales. I have delivered over 60 presentations on emerging technologies and my more recent contracts have been tailored around business development which I was mandated to oversee the marketing of their website. I have helped many start-up companies, consulted on new business opportunities and was the first sales rep. in my industry to operate a personal web site for knowledge sharing and product promotion.

''Having been involved in the communications and broadcast industries for the past 30 years, covering every aspect of the sales cycle, including working with manufacturers, resellers, end-users, associations as well as content providers, I know how to connect technology to your customers. I bring a vast resource of knowledge and experience with proven solutions to online marketing''. Pierre-Louis Landry

News Bits:

Sept. 4th, 2013
New Commercial Director for BoulZeye in Montreal

I have taken a full time contract at BoulZeye as their new Commercial Director. Contracts as Solotech's En Coulisse and Tour Tech East ''All Access Show'' seminar trade show co-ordinator will be respected for 2014V consult

Sept. 15th, 2012
Grand Opening of Le Jockey, Salon de Paré Est de Montréal"

After 2 months of preparation, Landry Solutions provided AV consultant services for the visual technology of the new OTB (Off Track Better) establishment in Montréal. Technology choices, supplier sourcing and install overview were among the various functions we managed.

Sept. 6th, 2012
Spinetix Traing "Hyper Media Director software"

Landry Solutions provides Product Mangement support for Vellone Communications, Spinetix Canadian Distributor. Two versions of Spinetix's HMD Digital Signage creation software training provided to 2 corporate clients.

June 10-16th, 2012
Infocomm Sales assistance

Under contract with Vellone Communications, provided customer booth visits for the latest new technologies represented by Vellone Communications at Infocomm 2012 held in Las Vegas.

June 6th & 7th, 2012
Presented "Social TV"

Part of an SMPTE new technology treat in both Toronto and Montreal, presented a year in review of Televsion programming and the use of Social Media.

June 1st, 2012
Launch new website for

After providing a competitive analysis of private alternative financing in Quebec, provided the content strategy and Google best practices for a new business website.

May 3rd, 2011
Presented "20 Easy Tricks to Optimized a website"

Part of an SMPTE event held at Cegep du Vieux Montreal.

26th, 2011
Presented "Connecting with your audience, website and social media strategies" a television focus.

Held at Radio-Canada Montreal in conjunction with SMPTE, I participated with TOU.TV which covered the technical issues behind the launch of tv programming online. I covered more the multiplatform existance for televsion programming with the emphasis on the importance of website optimization and compared various TV shows strategies on social media networks.

April 1st, 2011
Signed up for W3 Quebec all day SEO best practices training.

Not only attending but providing the official photographs for the april 11th event to be published on flikr.
Mar. 28th, 2011
Working with CLD Longueuil

In the process of working with the local busienss development office to define tailored business solutions for online marketing solutions for B2B customers.

Jan. 10th, 2011
All Access Show 2011 is re
ady to rock.
Completed the choice of 25 seminars, the new web site and on-line registration for Tour Tech East "All Access Show.

Sept. 22nd, 2010
Went on-line with new web site look
A long time coming, but finally a practical canvas for customers, and friends and to access my posted materials.

Sept. 8th, 2010
Delivery of over 3,000 images for 2 softball leagues
Live action photos of 10 softball teams over the summer. Chec
k New Additions for access.

June 25th, 2010
I'm now Mac converted
ter being jealous for years with presentations created with Keynote, and crashing windows when dealing with huge programs such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Powerpoint and Outlook, I finally gave up and moved on to a powerfull Mac Book Pro and Aperture for photo editing.

April 12th 25th, 2010
Open to on-line marketing projects
Latest assignment with Incospec Communications now terminated. Started as a business development consultant contract, providing guidance into new markets, and ended up with me taking on the implementation heads on for them. .Thats what we call "don't tell me how to do it Mr. Consultant, do it for us". Great team to work with, wish them all the best in their new adventures.

Feb. 15th, 2010
Pierre Louis plays a substantial role in the launch of Incospec Communications new Web site
Strategic planning, brainstorming and drafting sessions,
Incospec finally goes on-line with their new revamped website.

Feb. 12th, 2010
"Content to its Distribution 2010" Tour
From the show details, on-line registration, post survey, to presentation downloads, Pierre Louis takes on another major event for the broadcast industry.

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