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Upcoming SMPTE 2010 Montreal events and other dates.....
Please note: You must go to under Montreal to download the official notice for the contents and location info. Some dates listed below in 2010 are for planning purposes and may change. Once posted at SMPTE they are official. Also on their site will be the French write up. My site is for manufacturers schedule planning and reminder and for my customers. Some dates are non-SMPTE related.

Jan. 28th &29th All Access Show, Tourtech East, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Two full days of audio, lighting and video seminars and trade show.

Past Events...........

Nov. 28th
1) VimBiz, Asset Tracking software; Finally a Broadcast equipment management, database, much more, designed by a broadcast engineer, Paul Manuel & Mitch Manuel, Vimsoft

Paul & Mitch Manuel went over the details of a powerful equipment database application called Vimbiz which addresses the needs of inventory location, acquired software with installed version, serial numbers, dongles, and driver requirements. Showed how to perform maintenance scheduling with project status acknowledgements, searching for procedures for past fixes and costs, tracking historical repairs not only within the shop but among the corporations other facilities and working with e-documents having access to on-line service manuals, product pdfs, and possible stored on-screen snap shot images from test equipment related to problems or fixes. Addressed features such as preventive maintenance forecasting, budget allocations & invoicing, depreciation reports, contact manager features, loan check-in/check-out, web request application, parts ordering, financial reporting, among many other new workflow benefits targeted for the broadcast industry. The highlight of the evening is when Mr. Rouseau from Musique Plus shared his findings ''After 2 months of searching for this type of software, no one can perform as much as 20% of what Vimbiz can offer..., bravo''

Paul went to show how easy it is to located any given asset, from which manufacturers' frame it's located in, to how many are located in each city. Great for tracking for updates, recalls, replacements or in desperate need for a temporay loan for special events, such as elections and sporting events. A downloadable full feature 30 day free trial of the software is available at as well as an on-line demo of some of it's capabilities
2) Compression Revisted Part 2, Richard Christensen, BSE Demystifying MPEG-4 AVC, VC-1 and MPEG-2 for broadcast applications. One year later, the facts of life.
Théâtre Pierre Perreault at l'ONF (NFB) 19h00

Richard Baker was back again with an update of the state of the industry related to compression one year later. Indicating that on paper MPEG-4 AVC is supposed to be 50% more effecient, except no one has achieved this performance due to the excessive processing requirements and that it will be used as the final format for distribution (not for editing) and that the good old Mpeg-2 still has a long life in our broadcast facility.

Nov. 21st Display technology differences. Report from Protégez-vous Magazine tests on Plasma, LCD, etc..., as well as a demonstration of Sony's SRX-R110 projector 4K SXRD™ (Silicon X-tal Reflective Display);
Held at École Des Hautes Études Commerciales’s (HEC)

Émilie Brunelle des Éditions Protégez-vous talked about the LCD & Plasma comparisons

Our second guest speaker from Sony to talk about 4K SXRD projector

Both these images were photographed from the screen, with the black borders indicating the bottom of the screen, shot in 4K playback from a JPEG2000 server. The photos doesn't do the 4k projector justice, since I also compressed the images in Photoshop, but trust me, they were amazing. I'm ready to hit the Digital Cinemas with my bag of popcorn. Outstanding.

Oct. 2nd Visite des regies HD de SRC Studio 42 & 48 et une présentation sur le plateau studio 48 (Over 170 people showed up for the visit)

Sept. 25th Part 1.File Based Media Systems and Storage and Part 2. Media Transport Technologies. Presented by Richard Baker, BSE. Being held at Télé-Québec

August 16th, The 14th annual SMPTE Montreal Golf tournament

Winners best Net ``La Sette 4-some``
Golf des Iles de Boucherville

May 16th BSE Hot Picks NAB 2006 Award Winners,
3 rd installment by Pierre Louis Landry,BSE
My overview of the best of NAB, with industry trends, manufacturers news, Industry magazine awards and my BSE Hit Picks. Available for download after my return from my fishing trip on May 30th.

May 17th BSE Hot Picks NAB 2006 Award Winners, & Indusrty trends in Quebec City by Pierre Louis Landry,BSE

March 14th

Mr Larry Thorpe from Canon USA had accepted our invitation to talk about "Small Format HD Acquisition:  Considerations of Image Quality" in Laval, Qc. You won't be able to get a copy of his presentation, due to missing certain official approvals, but White Papers on the different subjects are available at the following site.
This was a memoriable event and we very much appreciated his sharing of his expertise. Many thanks to Canon Canada and especially, Mr Carlo Beltrano for organising this and Mr. Ian MacFarlane for his hospitality and great support for the event.




Tourtech East
''All Access 2010 Show''
January 28 & 29, 2010


2006 All Access Show

Past ADC presentation