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Digital Signage in the workplace, taking internal communications to the next level
Provided by InfoSign Media

2008 was the retail boom for digtial signage. It's seems every corner store, Tim Hortons and retail outlet try to grab your attention with new products, great videos and entertainment. But the above content isn't appropriate in the workplace. Learn how to improve communications with your staff, promote employee engagement, aid with employee retention, get cructial information out as it happens, deal with sensitive issues, have a strategy for success and with great supplied content get a communications assistant at your disposal. This presentation also available as as on-line webinar.

Emerging Technologies and Industry Trends
Provided by InfoSign Media

One of the emerging technologies is digital signage but can't solve all problems by itself. It must be part of a communications-business strategy such as videoconferencing, improved training rooms, impressive displays, putting your efforts on-line with webinars, podcasts, enhanced web site and being in touch with a mobile generation. Have an event that requires you to be up-to-date with AV technologies and guide you with success stories of business applications of the technologies, why not book both presentations for the event, it makes business sense. Call my boss, Mr. Yves Corsi 888-449-4038 to see if my speeking engagement at your event can be a a great fit for both organisations.

Demystifying Video Bandwidth
Revised version of Solving the Digital Puzzle
NOTE: No longer offering this course

I have created a two day beginner to intermediate course on digital video, which I call now call "Demystifying Video Bandwidth". I have given this course accross Canada from TV stations, cable companies, Universities, Telecom companies and SMPTE in Montreal. The goal was to simplify, as much as possible, the comprehension of digital, coming from the analog domain. Explanations on the benefits of digital recordings, what 4:2:2, 4:1:1 4:2:0 means, what is bit rate reductions, different compression schemes, cautions to take, and my favorite, the "Battle of the Formats" are among the subjects covered. I have updated the course to include all HD formats and HDV and a section on Industry trends.

See an example invite for complete details and how your employee invitation could look like if you hired me to give this course. Fees are $2,400.00 per engagement, excluding travel. I try to keep the audience to a maximim of 15.

For those who have taken my course, go directly to DVB-DigiPuzzle and download all four parts. (Password required -contact me)

This presentation is a document in progress, so as new technologies get introduced, new sections get added. You are free to download more recent versions as they come available. Latest version dates April 3rd, 2006 (Version 5.4). Tell me what are your main concerns or your most relavent questions as to help me structure it to your needs and add any missing parts.

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