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Welcome to my personal webpage.
-----------------------Landrysolutions Executive summary-----------------------

I have not started a new business. I just wanted my own server space that reflects my regional activities (not to make the rest of the world jealous). I use this area to help in my daily business activities and provide a sole location for clients and friends to acquire useful information. Simple concept, the more they know, the easier my job. Being actively involved in the Montreal SMPTE chapter and organizing many seminars in the East coast, a lot of material would not be of interest in other regions of Canada. Landrysolutions is my regional data base for my clients to use, which I could update at will.

Don't expect anything fancy, just time saving materials. Example:

"Member login" is for suppliers, my counterparts accross Canada, and clients where I share business material.

In "Who is PLL" basically is my background. Some things you may not already know about PLL (Pierre Louis Landry).

You'll find "Comparison charts" I created for other customers, "products of interest" etc.

Products is our product line card in alphabetical order with hyperlinks to each supplier and comments on the product which are hot and extra info.

See the section called "Cool links". My suggestions of industry related web sites I believe you'll find useful. Links to trade shows with their dates and who will be attending from BSE as well as local seminars.

"Presentations" that either I have created or were given to me for distribution. Unfortunelatey some documents will require that I give you a password to access, such as "Courses" you attended and promised your own copy (which means you only get a copy if you took the course or paid for them). If you don't already have your password, you'll need to send me an email and I'll provide one for one. pierre@bse.on.ca
"Technical White Papers" is a list of useful documents loaded with information I found in various presentations by different manufacturers or associations.

In "Courses" you find details on my now famous "Solving the Digital Puzzle" which has now been renamed Demystifying Video Bandwidth, which has now become a 2-day tutorial simplifying the understanding of digital video and transport issues. I still offer it by customer invitation only. My only promotion of it is by word of mouth and this web site, since I do have another full time job to do. If your are interested, I can make arrangements with you to provide it in your city.

I will also share some of my other "passions". In "Photography" my search for moments in nature. Under "Poems" some of my little creations. In "Paintings" the creations of my better half, her passion.

Found something interesting and need an official quote or just want to give me a call, hit "Contact" and fill in the details your looking for. I'll be more than pleased to help or direct you in the right direction.

Anything I have which is huge in size and unpractical to send via email, will be loaded for download on my server. Anyone who knows me well, understands that I use visual elements as much as possible. Better that you download it, when convenient, than having your server refuse it because of its' size.
Beware: Some are anywhere from 14 to 40MBs, so be patient.

Hope you find the site useful and please visit regulary.
Pierre Louis Landry, 514-913-4033









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