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When I'm inspired I do write poems. I do have over 100 poems written but most are very personal so you won't find then here. But I will share a couple.

I actually have "Always Believe" published in a book. (last one of this series)


The Bicycle Rider

Attempting to a climb a mountain
Running free as a robin
Determined to reach the top
Manoeuvring every obstacle, not to stop

Pounding the soil and every type of terrain
Bobbing with excess, careful not to sprain
Always venerable to the constant changing conditions
Having to be prepared, for undesired situations

What obstacles lied ahead, only nature knew
This enthusiast, while competitive and determined, remained true
Changing gears when required, but keeping momentum
Sometimes sacrificing control, but always retaining his wisdom

Delivering performance, trying to keep focus
While spreading his praise and sharing his surplus
Many of times, a smile that could be endless
But his passionate eyes, could leave you speechless

Not a solo driver, but a team builder
A distinguished entrepreneur, but to many a teacher
To be part of his crew, would lead to be an honour
Conversation and his sense of innovations convinced you, he was a forerunner

Never searching the spotlight, but the light he found
Praise and respect, he achieved and came from all around
To the bicycle rider, whose love was with all natures' creations
Your motivation will truly remain an inspiration.

Copyright ©2006  Pierre Louis Landry

At times

Pierre Louis Landry Mothers day 2006
Copyright ©2006  Pierre Louis Landry

Moment of thought on today's International Women' s day
By Pierre Louis Landry

Saying best wishes for today's event
Seems intriguing with mixed feelings on what it represents.
To many it is a special day of recognition
For others, a kind of pleasant tradition

It is a day to acknowledge the progress due to unfair treatments
A day when past fights became political amendments
A moment to assume equality and respect
A day without conflict

In all fairness, it's all about being treated fairly
In a society where all should have been orderly
It's about human nature and attitudes
And every man ' s thoughts on what it should include

Is it a day for women to rejoice?  
Or a day to question choice?
Is it a day for men to remember?
That being one doesn't require being a member.

It is a day to acknowledge rights?
A struggle to elevate us to the same heights?
A day to recognize that there is a solution to every problem
And there shouldn't be a need for an empowerment emblem

So for those who just want a wish of good,
And for those who just want to be understood
May I wish you all a moment of thought
Even though the gesture may not be a lot

Happy International Women' s day , and have a nice day,
Pierre Louis Landry

Pierre Louis Landry
Copyright ©2006  Pierre Louis Landry


Pierre Louis Landry
Copyright ©2006  Pierre Louis Landry

Simple words to say
I love you

Simply stated
You're under-rated
Top in a class
Among the best brass
Few to compare
Not that I would dare
Outstanding as can be
For others to see
Happy you're mine
Always on my mind
Taken for granted, never
In my heart, yes, forever
Luckily for your patience
I don't need a new acquaintance
Sincerely happy you're around
Where ever we are bound
So in simple words
Understood even by birds
I do love you with all my heart
As much today as I did from the start

Pierre Louis Landry
Copyright ©2004  Pierre Louis Landry

Welcome to the adult world

St Valentine wish for singles

On this special day of St Valentine
I only wish everyone feels fine
While some may not have a partner to share a drink
Doesn't mean they don't stop with time to think

Luckily it's only once a year
A day they are reminded, I fear
But one should always reflect
That it is only a momentarily absence and not a reject

For those who may not be in a rush to find Mr. or Mrs. Right
Or may be separated temporarily or hiding from the spot light
No need to keep silent, to be polite
Please share your thoughts for all to delight

Sharing of love does come from the heart
Neighbors, family and friends do play a part
Even if it's just a spontaneous wish for the day
Feel honoured with these kind words, one displays

Even though Hallmark cards are for lovers and the ones that are wed
The singles can still feel comfortable with flowers, candles and red
Even though the chocolate, dining and kiss my not be a highlight
I hope your St Valentines day will be nice and bright

Pierre Louis Landry
Copyright ©2003  Pierre Louis Landry

Little one at Christmas


On this memorable day of your baptism
Marked by a gathering and a religious symbolism
We ask God to shine a light
And watch over you until you gain height

One day it will be your turn to choose
To confirm your faith, in life you'll use
But for now we can only hope
You'll be guided by love and your horoscope

You're too young to understand and see
The love that was involved for you to be
The hearts, which have been filled with affection
And how you brought a sense of direction

Your presence has shined a new light
It has brought much joy and delight
We are enjoying the mysteries of your creation
We will be watching each step of your progression

Though you may cry because you cannot speak
Rest assured many will help and teach you the technique
To be able to read and understand this dedication
Only then you'll realize our appreciation

Pierre Louis Landry
Copyright ©2000  Pierre Louis Landry

Always Believe


Eventually I'll start transcribing my many poems. I haven't actually counted them, but lets say, my wife gets one at xmas, St Valentines day, sometimes for mothers day, and sometimes on her brithday and we have been together 17 years. My mom gets one on Mothers day, and my first sweetheart would get one every second week for 3 years, besides the many I have dedicated to friends, so it adds up.
When I have free time (what ever that is), I'll have to pull them out.









Dedicated to love of my life on St Valentine's day 2008





























Dedicated to Christian Tremblay,
'The Gentleman of broadcast'',
July 2006

A man I have had the honour to work for.

Many lessons learned.
Thanks for your trust.
Determination I respected.







Dedicated to my mother on Mothers day 2006


























Dedicated as a greeting on International Women's day
March 8th, 2006




















Dedicated to love of my life on St Valentine's day 2006















Dedicated to the love of my life












Dedicated to my youngest son when he finally turn 18.













Dedicated to all my friends which are single on St Valentines day















Dedicated to my grand-daughter and all the kids of the world.
















Dedicated to my grand-daughter

Anxious of the day she will be able to read it herself.












Dedicated to a niece in search of her own self-confidence