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Technical Papers

Suggested reading, support material for my Solving the Digital Puzzle course, etc...

EBU Report on compression MPEG vs DVCPro 198 pages

EBU & SMPTE Report on ENG formats
DV 25, 50, MPEG2 422P@ML 18 Mb & 50 Starts from page 139 (or 129) See MPEG Glossary in the ealier pages

EBU report on newer compressions

EBU report MPEG-2 422 Profile tests "It's use for contribution/collection and primary distribution" Collaboration with our own Antony Caruso of CBC Montreal.

EBU report Streaming over the internet
by Franc Kozamernik

Maxell DVD Products & Future Optical & Tape Technologies
Great document explaining Blu-Ray
Many thanks to Robert Guiristante of Maxell

The "Video Compression Book" Panasonic

The "Video Connection Book" Panasonic

Broadcast Glossary
by The Whitlock Group

Great MPEG-2 presentation from Hewlett Packard also explaining Elementary and transport streams

EBU Report 98 on Metadata standards
Covers compression, wrappers & Metadata, Network and transfer protocols, DVB, and Interoperability tests

History of computing paint

NetInsight Solving the QoS Bottleneck: Triple Play Whitepaper


Scopus MPEG 4 AVC (H.264)


Manufacturers Powerpoints (Confidential) Sometimes a pdf is not enough to understand the application, so I will have several powerpoints available which go more into detail to explain the benefits.



Plasma-LCD Commercial LG Comparisions (old)