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PLL is Pierre Louis Landry

Consider me a someone who tries to make a difference. I'm not your typical salesmen calling every second week to see how things are going. Between getting the job done and not having enough hours in a day, I try as much as possible to share information not only with the other salesmen, but also educating within the industry. That's why you see me involved with the SMPTE, doing private training sessions or even giving a hand on an installs (not that you really want me there).

Quick summary of my background:

A Maritimer at heart, but has lived in New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec. Studying Marketing and Personal management and Small business (I couldn't make up my mind on a major), I was actively involved in many other activities which had more importance than school; Started a High School Radio Station (which is still active today), had two shows on the University Radio station, (actually ran it for a year), Student Police (working among other things at the campus club where I enjoyed alot of musical acts), Operated the University movie theatre (51 movies I choose), Actively involved in CUTV the Concordia University TV station, which I ended up as President and also executive producer of two television series on CFCF-12 (which I had 4 shows of my own, especially my favorite on the Canadian music industry).

My first real job was running the rental department of a industrial video dealer "Radio Payette" which I joined at the wrong time. Being announced that they were filing for bankrupcy, and being the youngest of sales reps, which my competition never heard of, I ended up buying most of the rental gear and started my own production company. Long story short, I was asked if I could replace a salesman I knew, during his 2 week vacation at a Sony dealership (Sono Video) and basically never left. 6 years later off to a Panasonic dealer (Inter-Cite Video). Any other 6 years there, then off to work for Panasonic Canada for 3, then Sony Canada came knocking and joined them for 2, but ended up working for a real factory, with real engineers at Miranda Technology for 3. I've been fortunate to have worked with so many top guns in our industry and have learned many valuable tools that would carve who I am today.

Between the sales side, I've been past President of ITVA Montreal, actually won the "President Award for Exceptional Service", which had never been given to a sales rep before (nor after), won a trip to Japan due to monitor sales achievement, awarded volunteer of the year for our local cable company (technical producer for 2 shows), and also won Sony's Regional Sales Award. As of July 2005, I have become the SMPTE Montreal Chapter President. My most distinquisted award is my long term customers, who through my career moves, have followed my progression and supported me along the way.

Besides being a young grandfather, inspiring photographer, a determined Powerpointer, and now suddenly a webber, I'm just a regular technology freak, who happens to love helping others in their buying decisions. (Yeap, a salesman).